About Good Luck Press

Good Luck Press is a collaboration between Seb Pines and Will Jobst to create and publish experimental, cool, and strange games that explore the medium and push at what “games” can be. Zinesters at heart, Good Luck Press is an endeavour to bring high-concept, weird works into high fidelity, creating boutique experiences for brave readers and players.

Here’s to your continued good luck!

Seb Pines

Seb Pines is a writer, bookmaker, and game designer inspired by materials, bodies, and stories. They design games and print books with tactility and interactivity in mind.

Seb’s games are available at smolghost.itch.io and they can be found on Twitter @smolghost.

Will Jobst

Will Jobst is an award-nominated game designer, editor, and publisher, with games like this discord has ghosts in it, Black Mass, and A Guide to Casting Phantoms in the Revolution.

Will’s games are available at willjobst.itch.io and they are on Twitter @will_jobst.