In addition to running Good Luck Press, both Will and Seb are available as Good Luck Press and as independent contractors to help you make your games great. 

As Good Luck Press, we’re available for:

  • Design consulting and services
  • Developmental editing
  • Pre-press consulting and services
  • Publishing consulting and services

Will as an independent contractor is available for:

  • Editorial services
  • Marketing consulting
  • Design consulting

Seb as an independent contractor is available for:

  • Pre-press consulting
  • Print and material consulting
  • Bookbinding and ephemera creation
  • Sensitivity reading

Our rates can be negotiable based on the project timeline and budget. Both Will and Seb offer an amount of free consulting and production services to marginalized creators. 

Contact us via email at to discuss your project and determine if we will be a good fit.