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Serious Solo Bundle

Serious Solo Bundle

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Know a serious solo gamer in your life? A lover of all things solo games? A perfect gift for them is the Serious Solo Bundle. Offering up three expansive and immersive solo games, with mysteries to solve and stories to pen an ending to. This bundle is sure to please any serious solo game fan.

The serious Solo Bundle includes Curios: Albrecht Manor, Curios: Jasper Park, Dwelling, and Dwelling: Addition.

Curios: Albrecht Manor is an epistolary horror mystery experience. A haunting story told over a series of letters and ephemera. Reality contains fractures, a series of anomalous events that defy explanation, with only remnants of their occurrences left behind. Letters, recordings, photos and reports are all that remains of these phenomena, housed within the Archive, a catalogue of the extraordinary and peculiar. Our first collection is calamitous events connected through the centuries: The Case of Albrecht Manor.

Curios: Jasper Park is an investigative horror mystery experience. An infectious story told over a series of missing persons reports, diary entries, and recovered footage. The natural world has much to offer us: beauty, challenge, and sometimes danger. For those that foray out into the darkest parts of forests and mountains, some never come back. The search for those that disappear without a trace is long and arduous, especially when the missing don’t want to be found. 

Dwelling is a role-playing game and short story for one. Taking on the role of the embodied narrator you will wander through your new strange home at night. Conjuring spectres and finding they summon parts of your past along with them. Read, write, and draw in this curated solitary experience of a sleepless night in a haunted house.

Dwelling: Addition is an addition built onto the house that is within Dwelling. It contains extra rooms and one additional ending. As well the Addition contains design notes and the blueprints that went into the making of Dwelling.

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