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Good Luck Press

Short Solo Play Bundle

Short Solo Play Bundle

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Looking for some short games for the curious solo gamer in your life? This bundle offers a sampling of short solo experiences for any discerning fan of solo games to find something they'll love.

This collection includes: Bookmark microRPG Collection, Deadline, and The Strollplaying Games Trio Pack.

Bookmark microRPG Collection is a collection of 5 micro RPGs of single-player, 2 player, and 2+ player games to be played with a book, printed on full-color cardstock bookmarks. With these games, write, draw, connect, and black out parts of the book to make something new with them. All you need is a pen or a pencil and a book! 

Deadline is a game for one or more morally bankrupt tabloid writers. You have the details of the death of a John Doe and the contents of their pockets, now it’s time to pick through the remnants for just enough facts to count as truth so you can sensationalize the rest. Find connections between the personal effects and the details of their death to create a story out of this nobody that will leave readers wanting more.

The Strollplaying Games Trio Pack includes three small single-player games in field notes style journals for you to carry in a pocket or keep in a bag so you can play a small game while you are out. Each 24-page journal includes the rules text to play each game along with plenty of blank pages to write and draw your game experience directly into the journal. Bring a pen or pencil on your walk with the journals and no other tools are needed to play.

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