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Will Jobst & Adam Vass

This Discord Has Ghosts in It Digital Edition

This Discord Has Ghosts in It Digital Edition

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This is the digital edition of This Discord Has Ghosts in It that includes a PDF of the game book, Discord templates, facilitator tools and worksheets, custom emojis, and a suite of music.

You’ve been invited to a haunted house. That haunted house is a Discord server.

Find your greatest fear, spill your worst secrets, and get to the thrilling seance in This Discord Has Ghosts in It.

Players are either investigators or ghosts:

  • investigators can only speak
  • ghosts can only type

Won “Most Innovative” at the 2021 Indie Game Developer Network’s Indie Groundbreakers

A Discord-based live-action roleplaying game

Players split into two teams: investigators and ghosts.

Ghosts may only type, filling the channels of a Discord with frights! Spreading horror throughout the rooms and spaces of this house with text, images, audio, or video.

Investigators may only speak in a voice channel, with everyone listening in, like walkie-talkies or shouts throughout the space.

Throughout the game, ghosts haunt rooms while investigators explore, get spooked, and learn about the ghosts, all while narrating the horror to all players and hinting at their secret motives. Ghost players reveal parts of themselves by creating new rooms, in turn making the house a labyrinth. Investigators get to the bottom of these mysteries and spill secrets of their own.

Every game culminates in a supernatural seance. In this final act, confront each ghost about their mysteries, and each investigator about their secrets.


  • A Discord-based, live-action horror roleplaying game
  • For 6-16 players, including a facilitator, over the course of 1-3 hours
  • 13 Readymade haunts with prebuilt Discord templates
  • New rules, alternate game modes, and special mods for your next game

    Product Specs

    • 126-page PDF
    • Full-color with illustrations and vintage photography
    • Readymade Discord templates
    • Facilitator tools and worksheets
    • Custom emojis
    • Suite of music


    Design by Adam Vass and Will Jobst
    Writing and development by Will Jobst


    • House of Mater by Maria Mison
    • Activity Room by Seb Pines

    Editing by Seb Pines
    Illustration by Kaylee Rowena
    Layout design by Seb Pines
    Typesetting by Will Jobst

    Playtesting by Adam Bell, Rook Feld, Matt Fennell, Jeremy Wensel Gage, gblekkenhorst, Paul J Hodgeson, AE Jonesy, Reyna Moody, Tony Vasinda, Viditya Voleti, and all those who participated in early access playthroughs!

    Special thanks to Alfred Valley, Jeremy Wensel Gage, Eric Mersmann, and the Indie Groundbreakers. 

    Published by Good Luck Press, 2023


    WINNER - Most Innovative - Indie Groundbreaker Awards
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